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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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department and we have not heard from them we have requested they provide changes they have made and in the last few weeks we've yet to hear from them to make the amendment on the day of the vote would be inconsistent the fact that no one disputes this is a problem to the extent that san francisco remains the most unequal city in the country that inequality will not be addressed until women are paid fairly and until we make a step and do something this is an opportunity to do piling that to finally take alex action and the last thing i'll say we were very cautious in drafting this piece of legislation we actually create a period of time for all
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of the parties involved to work best method to implement this law we're talking about this law not being implemented until january 1st, 2016, that's a long period of time for us to figure out the best method to collect data at the end of the day the basic thrust of this legislation is simply collect data to require the reports be for the city that's not too much to ask i respectfully ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor tang. >> thank you first of all, i want to thank supervisor campos for making the implementation dates until january 2016 and, of course, for continuing the item for the three weeks to look at the legislation so i thank you for that i do have a conversation with the supervisors office today and
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i know you're not a psychic but i brought up things that you've disregard with so today, i was prepared to speak to how the search-and-seizure board i want them to address the threshold amount which dcwf has brought to me and others i understand that you couldn't have foreseen i would propose this amendment but during this review process they'll seriously consider the nonprofit do grantees i've mentioned at our last meeting prior to the continuance to make sure that the sires body to spell out how their collecting data that some of our nonprofits or contractors are submitting already to our various city department and repurpose them in
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a way not to be bumping how it is you're going to analyze the data and how it is we're going to be catering this legislation it is one i support i support data gathering and intend to support this legislation i think the basic amendment i'm planning on macon page 13 on line 3 just asking that the advisor board have a consideration within 6 months we add in the advisory board within 6 months to simultaneously finds out the implementation process that is not the legislation noted preclude that from happening i want to make sure this is being implemented by the board of supervisors they they have a chance to provide feedback that
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maybe possible and again, i the say i don't appreciate my miss characterization it is an important issue i support and simply want to make it better and smooth process when it's implemented so with that, i make a motion. >> i neglected when supervisor campos asked for a second is there a second supervisor kim colleagues any discussion on supervisor campos amendment we'll take that without objection. that is adapt and supervisor tang a second second by supervisor kim any discussion with regards to them we'll take that without objection. that is adapted supervisor kim. >> thank you just want to again thank supervisor campos office but all the advocates and members of our community that are here to support this really important legislation i'm glad we're here and ready to vote
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when is the beginning of the process to start our equal pay ordinance here in san francisco i've mentioned that why i supported in a couple weeks ago this doesn't set the infrastructure by which we will work with an advisor committee to how to pass legislation that insures we are submitting and insuring equal pay for equal work for women that work and are paid for by are typewriter dollars here in san francisco i wanted to mention my support so far supervisor campos and supervisor tang's amendment and i certainly think they provide a little bit more clarity in terms of our exceptions for the process in addition to giving more time more thoughtfulness how to get the issues for equal pay for equal work without
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overwhelming our contractors and organizations but i appreciate supervisor campos story about one nonprofit here in san francisco i anything else that most of our nonprofits want to be able to amelia rate those issue but not aware of it and will make the changes self-they knew they weren't paying their female workers the same as other workers i'm excited to pass this legislation i'm committed in working with the offices to make sure we have a structure and process and all the input it put into place i wanted to also remind the members of the floor on page 13 on line two to four it is spelled out the advisor board recommendation shall include recommendations for additional owners if protective change is necessary to implement
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the recommendation ♪ the coming year we'll have time for the increase in thresholds that's recommend inform the process particle for the nonprofits that get $2,000 i know that supervisor tang harassed brought up i'm committed to working on to support those changes if need be the final goal we need to get this process starts it's something out of want has called for in d.c. and i'm excited that san francisco is going to follow and recognition supervisor campos and his office and hillary for moving forward with that complex ordinance to get this process forward so we can see a city that says anyone that is getting paid by our taxpayer dollars are condominium to equal
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pay for equal work >> supervisor avalos. >> i wanted to echo the legislation and supporters this is groundbreaking we're providing an ordinance we're gathering information for an ordinance that will insure that women receive equal pay for equal work it's groundbreaking and now on the other places in san francisco it is significant i want to thank supervisor campos so far bringing this forward talking with someone they suggested is there a way to actually loop in people who receive a tax break from the city perhaps like our tweeter tax break or you know, i thought it was a useful idea one worth checking out but i think that it legislation should move forward i think we should probably engage in a further discussion
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to expand to add in companies that receive a tax break from the city i want to suggest along with supervisor campos that ascent is to duplicate the file send back to committee with our name on it as the author so we can vote when we explorer the idea of looking at people that receive a tacks break from the city i think that creating that relationship they have voluntarily apply for the tax break we can ask them how they're doing in making sure that women are being paid equally for the same work that men do i ask a motion to duplicate the file and, of course, the one that remains here move forward. >> is there a second second by supervisor campos colleagues, any discussion on that to
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duplicate? okay. well ma'am, >> okay. on the motion to duplicate and send back to committee discussions supervisor campos. >> thank you let me say this is i think it's really important we take a vote on the ordinance as proposed today and as i understand the motion by supervisor avalos we'll be able to do that and the reason why i seconded the motion i think that as the current version of the legislation moves forward it is appropriate for us in committee to discuss whether or not we should add to the requirement that exists in the law that currently is drafts to require those entities that want to get a tax break from the city to actually provide the information i think that's
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something that makes a grateful of sense and at a minimum deserves more consideration and the motion will allow that to happen the fact is the same principle applies anyone that is getting a break and enter from the city whether it's by way of a contract or tax break should understand that with that benefit comes the idea that you report on whether or not your painstakingly men and women equally it's in that spirit i support that effort. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you president chiu just wanted to also weigh in and thank supervisor campos for to get this discussion going as we can subtle we're going to continue having this discussion the fact that it is illegal to give different pay for gender
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and we don't have enough information to see whether or not it's true is important we collect the data i was as a father of two daughters and my wife still works and i would if i'm looking at the situation peron where personal or for the people in san francisco it's important for us to get behind what is wrong and make sure that everybody gets equal pay whether it's could be a pattern where even a reverse on that but i doubt as dominant as women getting paid less than men i was ready to vote on it a few weeks and ready now. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you supervisor campos for bringing this forward i know there are generations and decades of activists that are in the audience and also following this i think the culture of
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secrecy around description is something from the merna work at jamestown to bigger entities like sf general this is to address it in an continental way with the recent package of the workers bill of rights that impacts immigrants and people of color it is a step towards equal pay i know there's a long way to go i want to thank supervisor campos and hillary for making us aware of the new mexico. executive order and the coalition of women's organizations that brought this forward for years and thank our
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strong wemgz leaders for keeping the pressure on this board and city hall to make sure we have wage equality and address sexism thank you. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president i want to make one final .1 of the things that was moving for me in the process of working on this piece of legislation was seeing especially how some of the older women share their stories we heard in that chamber scombrain morrison who now in her nos talked about how the company that she worked for as a woman it was very clear she was never going to be promoted in her experience training a lot of men that came in that company
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and went on to become you know her bosses even though she was clearly nor qualified i want to take a personal note the opportunity to thank all the women who have shared the stories with us and the one thing i'll say to the jane morrison's of the world of san francisco i'm sorry it took so long to get to this point but we have knives and daughters and sisters the hope that the young girls and women that live in san francisco will not have to go through that because of those types of efforts thank you. >> with that, we have a duplicated file as suggested by supervisor avalos there's a motion to supervisor avalos is it to refer to committee or your
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duplicated portion back to committee. >> to duplicate and refer back to committee and keep the original one here to vote on today. >> the duplicate company is not here the motion to refer this was second by supervisor campos colleagues we'll take that without objection. that's the case and on the ordinance as amended roll call vote. >> supervisor mar. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor chiu supervisor farrell supervisor kim there are 10 i's. (clapping.) the ordinance is passed on the
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first reading (clapping.) with that, colleagues why not going to our special accommodations supervisor campos has the 2:30 special accomodation. >> thank you, very much. mr. president, and my colleagues who voted for this legislation it's any honor and privilege to call upon citizen say eric ready if eric is in the audience can you please come up to the podium please thank you want and board members. >> today, i'm proud to honor an individual that is a pillar in the district non-community senior citizen is a eric ready is the counter owner of the
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martial arts and he's been working with the citizens and people in san francisco bay area for more than 20 years his martial arts instruction has helped adults and children physically and it helps spiritually and morally senior citizen is a ready has committed much and left our community a self-respectful place he's decided to retire from teaching and take a much deserved sabbatical after 20 years ready to move open to future projects and wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for his service and wish him well it's professional accomplishments included a 2005
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induction into the martial arts of familiar and the film chasing the dragon it's impressive but i appreciate the most his dictated service to community he's served in leadership roles for the t c usa this ends the common cause of child death which is accidentsal injury and the safety and development association and walk with confidence to provide positive role models to citizens of all ages he teachers the self-defense classes and respect he's worked with the unified school district the mission cultural center and the light house and with the san francisco city and county for wellness programs and senior citizen is a ready the black belt and master
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in st. clair and the kriert organizations we wish you the best. >> thank you very much i want to talk a minute about retiring i think it's important you have a moment when you need to reflect on the hard work you pursue again, i get american people avenue to pursue that i'm not changing my number or e-mail address and underscore i enjoy the privilege supervisor campos has invite he me it's been a long time i've seen many changes and after hearing today and listening to what i want to talk about the
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the global power b poor will the women in the community many, many people i want to thank today and most importantly i want to thank professor claire the mentor and teacher and his wife marjorie and the sinclair family for pushing me to the success it is difficult to pursue with 20 years teaching today and freaky was able to make it today i started my school on my birthday in 1994 and retired on my birthday in 2014 i'm privileged to be in a city of champions like the giants to pursue a championship and i applaud so many wonderful things that go on in the district that i work in the mission district
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i have a lot of people to thank all across the board from places that i've eaten 22 the valley family and so many wonderful, wonderful things that go on in the city and if it wasn't for the city i couldn't cohesive this moment i have a wonderful opportunity to see california as a state i've lived in the city in the state and i get is an opportunity to go to yosemite and relax i'm going to come back but be on is a basic right now i've known friends of mine it helped me to graduate like master horton and david and master jonathan burke for continually pressing me in order to pursue that i want to thank
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my landlord for giving me the opportunity to do so as well, there or so many wonderful things in the city i'm going to take a break from but i promise you i'll be back thank you very much. >> (clapping.) thank you want and members of the board it's a pleasure. >> thank you and with that, colleagues it is 3:00 p.m. we have 43 p.m. special offenders i'd like to take the second, third and fourth special orders until we go to the one that will be substantive madam clerk call
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the second special order of 33 through 311 come prices the individuals in the planning department determination that the proposed project located at 2853 on broadway street a examined and items 34 through 36 reverse the items. >> both sides have agreed to continue until our december 9th meeting to board of supervisors. >> supervisor farrell is proposing a motion to continue this to the go ethnic of december is there a second second by supervisor kim any public comment on this item? anyone who wants to comment on the substantive meter seeing
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none, public comment is closed and on the motion to continue colleagues we'll take that without objection. those items are continued until the ninth of december >> items 37 through 40 for interested parties for the planning department determination that the proposed project it categorically exempt if the california quality act and the motions to reverse the determination and the preparation of finding. >> so the appeal has been withdrawn out of the need to follow process let me open up the hearing for seeing none, public comment is closed. and could i have a motion to affirm the determination. >> motion that i supervisor avalos and seconded by and their colleagues we'll take that without objection. the determination by the planning
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department is affirmed. >> items 44 madam clerk. >> mr. president, on the previous item we'll be tabling items 39 and 40. >> let me ask for a motion to table those supervisor farrell's and seconded by supervisor avalos we'll take that without objection. those items will be tabled. >> items 41 through 44 comprise the public comment hearing of persons interested in the 2014 of a tentative map on katrero avenue for commercial mixed use new construction condominium projects looked on katrero and 44 to approve or disapprove. >> any any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is
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closed and i'd like to entertain a motion to approve the decision of public works to approve the item 42 and to table items 43 and 44 motion that i supervisor mar and second by supervisor avalos we'll take that without objection. that motion is passed now colleagues our first 3:00 p.m. special order. >> items 29 through 32 comprise of people interested in the mravlt for a conditional use authorization to for about 20 properties on 26 of the avenue and for the conditional use and 31 to disagree the conditional use authorization and to direct the clerk to prepare finding. >> colleagues, we consider
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whether or not to approve the conditional use authorization to demolish two buildings and unless there's questions or suggestions we'll precede as we typically do for a presentation up to 10 minutes by the appellant and two minutes for public followed by a presentation from the planning commission up to 10 minutes followed by a presentation by the project sponsor or the representative and followed by members of the public that wish to speak in opposition 2 minutes per speaker and final up to 3 minutes for the appellant with that, unless there's questions supervisor mar opening comments. >> thank you president chiu and colleagues about this time last year, i was approached by this project moving forward in
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january and residents met with me i met with different project sponsors as well this is has been a long time in the works i'll say that there are supporters of project and opponent so we have people from the neighborhood on both sides i do feel very strongly that we need to look at this issue within a board complexity of the stock of are we talking about controlled housing within our city and losing rental control units over one thousand per year we're noted building that many it is rapidly stling this project will xoosh two residential units and will replace them with 6, 3 bedroom unite increasing the housing stock but eliminating two units of rent control and each other
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also i'll say the demolitions of the building like this are not in the richmond district by throughout the city i'm trying to keep that in prospective we have to focus on sections 303 and 317 from our codes i want to say i was trying to look at the infraction framing we're trying to make tough decisions one year ago the mayor ed lee issued a directive 1301 for the preservation of housing stock any read of that directive we should be doing everything to preserve the rental housing stock as we're going through building more market rate units especially and also trying to understand how this to listen to the san francisco


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